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* First of all, connect to your device from your computer via FTP.

* Log in by typing the IP address of your device via FTP. Username: root Password: dreambox (Generally)

* Drop the userboguet that we will give you, that is, the ready installation file to the place where we will show you.

* Then, find the userboguet file in the ETC/Enigma2 Path and put it in the Enigma2 folder.

* Then restart your device. Our channels will appear in front of us ready.

2. ALTERNATIVE (Preferred)

This way, which is a little more troublesome than the explanation above, is a much more useful way. The lists thrown in the above way include the updates made, new channels, new movies, etc. cannot automatically retrieve content. For this reason, we first open a computer in the house where the device is installed. We install the Team Viewer program on the computer, and then download the PUTTY program.

If you wish, you can directly upload Team Viewer information to your provider. If you are going to do it yourself, for PUTTY, we learn the IP address of the device from the NETWORK Information section of the device, enter the PUTTY program and establish a connection. After the connection is established, when you paste the ENIGMA compatible code that your provider will give you and ENTER, a new IPTV folder will be opened in your device.

In this way, the device will receive ALL updates automatically. You will not need to do anything manually.

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